Monday, 24 August 2009

'New' 'slightly revised' planning application for Tyson Road, Summer of 2009

Pictures above: If the developer gets his will, all this will be gone....For the sake of 'luxury' flats.

Loromah Estate submitted a new, slightly revised planning application in July that was publicly announced this August. The application which represents Loromah Estates fourth attempt to build in this area, has been quickly rushed through considering the fact that their previous application was unanimously rejected on all accounts by the councillors the 31st of March this year.

In the latest application, the developer has cut the number of flats from 74 to 71 flats. They have also made space for a "second" option that "could" take the size down to a minimum of 67 flats.

There are still a whopping 9 blocks of flats though and even if they have preserved a few more trees in the latest application, their aim is still targeted towards knocking down at least 70 mature trees.

Block number 1 has even been increased in height (In option 1) with as much as 2.8 meters taking it to over 12 meters in total which would completely remove all light and view for the inhabitants in 53 Honor Oak Road.

As a summary, one can conclude that the developer has done 'as little as possible' to confront the fundamental problems underlying their previous planning proposal.

We recommend that as many as possible submit individual objections to Lewisham and object on the same grounds as the former application.

We have very little time as the letters should be in before the Council makes their decision the 2nd of September.

Forest Hill Society has already submitted their objection and there are rumors that as many as 300 people has signed individual objection letters already. This is amazing considering the short public notice and the fact that the application was submitted during the summer holiday.

Remember, we can't have too many objections against the proposal to turn Forest Hill into Concrete Hill. So keep objecting!

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